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Storm season in Atlanta Ga can be pretty crazy sometimes. Strong winds and heavy rains can bring trees down with merely a moments notice. After a storm hits, many people will see the storm as an opportunity to make some quick money. Fly by night companies from out of town or even residents run to the nearest hardware store to grab a chainsaw and become "tree experts". Don't fall into the trap of hiring a uninsured or inexperienced company to handle your emergency tree removal project. By not having the proper equipment and experience, the person can cause more damage to your home, landscaping, or even end up hurting themselves. The art of tree removal is already dangerous enough as it is. When trees have fallen or started to lean, there can be dangerous pressure points that an unexperienced person may not know how to work with. Call our Emergency Tree Removal Atlanta specialists anytime you find yourself in a dangerous tree situation. We have been in the tree industry for over 45 years and have gained the knowledge and skills to handle any tree removal project. We are fully insured with workman's compensation to handle any Emergnecy Tree Service needs.